Projects that have actively used

Name Institution
Cyber security of oil/gas pipeline SCADA Southwest Jiaotong University
Information Assurance & Security (IAS) University of Wisconsin - Green Bay
3DCoP: DDoS Defense for a Community of Peers Galois
A Classifcation Layer for new network Architectures University of California, Berkeley
A large-scale measurement for malware analysis University of Califnornia, Berkeley
A network security laboratory to enable senior level students to apply their theoretical knowledge using the offered experiments Jordan University of Science and Technology
A secure DDoS protection framework The University of Tokyo
Access Control for cloud computing. One of the research directions at the department where we teach, and supervise master and PhD students. Electronics, and Communications Engineering Dept., Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University
Adaptive DDoS SRI International
Advanced Computer Security National University of Science and Technology
An Experiential-learning Course on Cyber Security Case Western Reserve University
An experimental distributed deterministic OS Ecole Polytechnique Federale De Lausanne
An Intelligent, Adaptive Infrastructure to Counter DDoS Attacks University of Pittsburgh
Analysing traffic patterns in modified BitTorrent P2P clients Universidad de Buenos Aires
Analyzing Effectiveness of Moving Target Defenses University of Californioa at Davis
Application Layer DDoS Attack Detection Attribution and Mitigation System TU-Darmstadt
Applied Cryptography and Network Security Course Radford University
Architecture of Secure Operating Systems CUNY Hunter College
Attack Detection And Countermeasures Simulation Bogazici University
Avoidance Routing measurement project UCLA Computer Science Department
Behavioral Research to Mitigate Cyber Security Risk San Jose State University
BGPSEC implementation testing Information Sciences Institute
bina Information Science Institute
Blockchain - Distributed Systems Security Lab University of Maryland, Baltimore County
Botnet Detection City University London
Botnet detection by network traffic analysis Technical University of Denmark
CCTF Course Support California State Polytechnic University, Pomona
Characterization of Bots Department of Computer Science, Kerala University
CIS 344 Indiana Wesleyan University
CISR - Critical Infrastructure Security Research @ SIUE Southern Illinois University Edwardsville
Class account for CSE952 course at UNL University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Class Project for CSC 453 Southern Connecticut State University
Clearinghouse for the TIED GENI prototyping project USC Information Sciences Institute
Cloud-Assisted Routing University of Nevada, Reno
Clustered Spacecraft Simulation NASA/Ames Research Center
CMPE297-Sec San Jose State University
Cognitive Assistants for Cyber Defense George Mason University
Colorado State Course CS 356 Colorado State University
COMP232 Cybersecurity University of Liverpool
Complex Networks for Attack Detection Wroclaw University of Science and Technology, Wroclaw, Poland
Computer Forensics University of Texas A&M San Antonio
Computer Forensics Spring 2017 University of Texas A&M San Antonio
Computer Intrusion Detection Johns Hopkins University
Computer Network Security Course Gannon University
Computer Networking University of Texas A&M San Antonio
Computer Networks University of Texas A&M San Antonio
Computer Science 161 - Computer Security UC Berkeley
Computer Security University of Texas A&M San Antonio
Computer security class Saint Louis University
Conduct Security related assignments Dr.V.Radha
Course Labs for Computer Systems Security at UP University of Portland
Course on "Security of Industrial Control Systems" Texas Tech University
Covert Signaling over Resilient P2P Overlays SRI International
CPSMarkets University of Southern California
Creating labs for students to complete for class Kennesaw State University
CS 3210 class project -Intro to Software Security bowling green state university
CS 460 Secure Communication Class California State Polytechnic University at Pomona
CS 556 - Graduate Level Computer Security Course at Colorado State University Colorado State University
CS153 Computer Security Class University of the Philippines
CS283 Computer Networks at Vanderbilt Vanderbilt University
CS298 Special Projects University of the Philippines
CS363-NetworkSecurity Elizabethtown Collage
CS363_security Elizabethtown Collage
CS740 Class Project on Web Application Firewalls University of Wisconsin - Madison
CSCI 6642 University of Texas A&M San Antonio
CSCI-4530 / CSCI-5530 Computer Security Saint Louis University
CSCI551-Spring2014 USC/Information Sciences Institute
CSCI615 St. Cloud State University
CSE403 Grad Security Course University of Mississippi
CSI Miniproject Villanova University
csse490 Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology
CSU-CS557-Spring2014 Colorado State University
CU Intro to CyberSecurity University of Colorado Boulder
cyber Johns Hopkins University
Cyber Attacks Texas Tech University
Cyber Physical System Security for Smart Grid Iowa State University
Cyber Security Courses Southside Virginia Community College
CyberPaths Wofford College
Cybersecurity Polytechnic University of Madrid
CyberSecurity University of Lincoln
Cybersecurity Capstone II CUNY Hunter College
Cybersecurity Class University of Kentucky
Cybersecurity class City University of New York -- Brooklyn College
CYBR620 Cyber Lab University of Maryland Baltimore County
Cypress Information Sciences Institute
CYSEC 308 Cloud Security Gannon University
DASH USC Information Sciences Institute
dcomp ISI
DDoS detection and protection; evaluation of existing methods and research Wroclaw University of Science and Technology
DDos Worms BaseLine Data BIT
DDoS-AE Blue Ridge Envisioneering / DHS
Declarative networking techniques for securing network protocols University of Pennsylvania
DeepSky University of Florida
Design and Implementation of point to point networks St. Cloud State University
Detecting compromised machines Florida A&M University
Detecting DDoS Attacks Using Machine Learning Techniques Dokuz Eylul University
Detection of DDoS attack using Entropy Institute of Engineering
Deter daughter lab for the University of the Philippines, Diliman University of the Philippines
DETER SPI Development Information Sciences Institute
develop cybersecurity games and bibliography The Evergreen State College
Developing an experimentation workbench for cyber security and networking experiments University of Southern California
Developing Vulnerability Tool for Distributed Energy Resources (DER) University of New South Wales Sydney
DEW: Distributed Experiment Workflow Information Sciences Institute
Differentiating between distributed pulsating denial of Service attacks and flash crowds Jaypee Institute of Information Technology University
Digital Ants project for Bio-Inspired Cyber Security Research Pacific Northwest Naitonal Laboratory
DIPS-Mon: Data Integrity Protection through Security Monitoring for Just-in-Time News Feeds University of Missouri
Distributed DDoS Defense Information Sciences Institute
Diversified Cyber Security for Power Grid Howard University
Drawbridge UCLA Computer Science Department
Early filtering of unwanted traffic University of South Carolina
Educational Project The British University In Egypt
EE 599: Cybersecurity University of Kentucky
EE576 University of Kentucky
EEC 2505 Network Attacks Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture & Technology
Emotiq Blockchain Emotiq AG
Emulating Cyber Attack-Defense Interactions University of Texas at San Antonio
Enabling OpenFlow in DETER University of Southern California, Information Sciences Institute
Enhanced Hadoop for Bioinformatics University of Southern California, Information Sciences Institute
Ensuring Availability by prevention of DoS attacks University of Kashmir
Ethical Hacking University of Texas A&M San Antonio
Evaluating DoS defenses University of Connecticut
Experimental Attack Testing of Realistic Networks University of Trento
Experimental Class Conquer The Flag University of Trento
Experimental Cybersecurity Dynamics Research University of Colorado Colorado Springs
FANTASM Information Sciences Institute
FCM745 Network Forensics CUNY Hunter College
for my cloud seminar class University of Southern California
FRADE Information Sciences Institute
Future Internet Testbed with Security Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro
Galleon: Reshaping the Square Peg of NFV University of Southern California
Global Impact Risk Assessment Software Johns Hopkins University Information Security Institute
Graduate Class on Cryptography and Network Security Villanova University
Hands-on labs for Network Security course Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi
Hardware Enabled Zero Day Protection Def-Logix, Inc.
Harvey Mudd College CS125 Networking University of Southern California, Information Sciences Institute
Honeytokens and Deception (ECS 235A) University of Californioa at Davis
HU Security Class The Hashemite University
Implementation and mitigation of DDoS attacks on a server Delhi Technological University (Formerly Delhi College of Engineering)
Implementing state machine replication for Wide-Area Networks Tamkang University
Incast Tel Aviv University
INCS-620 New York Institute of Technology
Information security parameters evaluation Jaypee Institute of Information Technology University
InformationSecurity Southern Connecticut State University
Install PNNL GridLAB-D in DETERlab USC ISI
Installing the Skaion Traffic Generation System on DETER UC Berkeley
Intelligent Approaches for Botnet Detection State University of Campinas
Internal instructors project Information Sciences Institute
Internet and Cloud Computing University of Southern California, Information Sciences Institute
Internet Security Kingston University
Intro to DETERLab and Unix Amesite, Eastern Michigan University
Introduction to Computer Forensices The King's University College
Introduction to Computer Security (CUNY Hunter) CUNY Hunter College
Introduction to Computer Security (CUNY Hunter, MS level) CUNY Hunter College
Introduction to DETER lab Saint Luis University Madrid
Intrusion Detection Class Johns Hopkins University
Intrusion-Tolerant SMR and Storage Protocols Lancaster University
IPv6 Security and Conformance FreeBSD Project
IT Security & Forensics Truro and Penwith College
IT Security lab - Lnu Linnaeus Univerity
IT@iTech Immokalee Technical College
KUL Kingston University
Lab Experiments as part of USC Computer Security Systems Course University of Southern California
Lab sessions for network security course- graduate level Villanova University
Labs for CS6823 NYU Polytechnic Institute
LACREND USC/Information Sciences Institute
LARS lab at UMN Duluth (UMD) University of Minnesota Duluth
Learn2Secure University of Memphis
Maestro Lockheed Martin
Malware Traffic Detection University of Massachusetts Lowell
Mapping PowerGrid network in DETER University of Southern California, Information Sciences Institute
MCIS6163 University of Texas A&M San Antonio
Measure subtle signs of DDoS National Institute of Information Communications and Technology Japan
MENTORED - From Modeling to Experimentation - Predicting and Detecting DDoS and Zero-day Attacks University of Vale do Itajaí
midonet midokura
MIT DoS Evaluation MIT
Mosaic: Policy Homomorphic Network Extension Yale University
MS Cybersecurity Practicum Project Georgia Institute of Technology
Nerdsville Security Nerdsville, L.L.C.
NetPAC aims to provide context and situational awareness in the cyber domain by understanding the mission contribution of cyber assets and projecting the impact of cyber attacks. 21CT, Inc.
netsync University of Southern California, Information Sciences Institute
Network and Computer Security Class University of Colorado
Network and Information Security CI7130 Kingston University
Network Processor Design and Programming University of Southern California, Information Sciences Institute
Network Processor Programming and Design University of Southern California, Information Sciences Institute
Network Security University of Maryland University College
Network Security Jaypee Institute of Information Technology University
Network Security Course Lehigh University
network security course project University of Missouri - Kansas City
Network Security Coursework Washington State University
Network Security Projects for CS 1153 Oklahoma City Community College
network security projects for students in my classes Oklahoma City Community College
Network Security Techniques course Faculty of organizational sciences
New Experiment CSUDH
NIS Virtual Learning and Teaching Environment Kingston University
NMT-CSE554 University of Southern California, Information Sciences Institute
NMTech CSE 489 Computer Network Security Lab Exercises University of Southern California, Information Sciences Institute
NNSOA Botnet Detection Missouri State University
NS-Spring 2015 FAST-National University of Computer & Emerging Sciences
NUS Project National University of Singapore
Offensive Security Course Villanova University
Offensive Technologies Class 2017-2018 University of Trento
Offensive Technologies Class 2019-2020 University of Trento
Offensive Technology Course 2020 University of Trento
P-CORE University of Virginia
Packet of Interest Yildiz Technical University, Computer Engineering Department
Pegasus Information Sciences Institute
Penetration Testing Schreiner University
PKI security University of Connecticut
Polygraph King Saud University
Prediction of Virus Spread through mobile Netowrk Topologies Gonzaga University, Purdue University
Process Control System Security SRI International
Project for DETER development and testing. ISI
Project for NSF Modeling work The Evergreen State College
Project for test-driving new tools, sharing educational material, etc Information Sciences Institute
Project for undergraduate security class Information Sciences Institute
Projects to teach basic network security. Radford University
QUASAR Vetting for Embedded Device USC Information Sciences Institute
Realistic traffic generation Information Sciences Institute
Research for a clean-slate secure network implementation USC Information Sciences Institute
S2OS University of Colorado
Santa Monica College CS78 security course University of Southern California
Santa Monica College linux course University of Southern California
Santa Monica College networking course University of Southern California
SayI Univ. of Illinois at Chicago
Security Enforcement with SDN Los Andes University
Security Exercises for Sturents Kingston University
Security Exercises Related to BGP Prefix Hijacking Colorado State University
Security lan party Salt Lake Community College
Security Projects for Cybersecurity Labs Stevens Institute of Technology
SENSS Information Sciences Institute
SIP service availability tear Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
Situation Awareness and Attack Prediction Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
Slow Rate Attacks Indian Institute of Technology Indore
Smart network architecture College of Computer Science, NUDT, Changsha, China
SPADE SRI International
SSH Vulnerabilities (ECS 235A) University of Californioa at Davis
Steam Information Sciences Institute
Strategies for moving information replicas away from hotspots Purple Streak
Student use for the CSCE496/896 Data and Network Security course at UNL (Instructor: Prof. Byrav Ramamurthy) University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Study the possible entry points to an ICS network Regional Cyber and Energy Security Center
Support for UCLA on line security class UCLA Computer Science Department
Systems and Software Security Texas Tech University
Tamkang Radford University
Tapia Information Sciences Institute
TCP SYNC flooding attack in Wireless Networks The City College of NY, CUNY
TCP-SYN Flood mitigation strategy evaluation La Trobe University
Teaching Security for Computing Graduates Northeastern Illinois University
teaching-research in deter Northeastern Illinois University
Templates for creating tutorials showcasing DETER capabilities Information Sciences Institute
This project is for computer and network security class at Hongik University. Hongik University
Threats, exploits, and countermeasures Stevens Institute of Technology
Time in SDN EE department, Technion - Israel Institute of Technology
Towards Secure Heterogeneous IoT Networks against Malware Epidemics George Mason University
Transport security Fraunhofer SIT and Technische Universität Darmstadt
Trusted Digital Repositories Indiana University
UAA Cybersecurity Lab University of Alaska Anchorage
UC Berkeley Admin UC Berkeley
UCLA Extension linux courses University of Southern California
UCLA Extension linux networking course University of Southern California
UCLA136 UCLA Computer Science Department
UM Duluth Advanced Security 8821 University of Minnesota Duluth
UMDClass University of Minnesota Duluth
Understanding how users learn with testbeds Information Sciences Institute
UNESP's Security Lab Graduated Projetc UNESP - Sao Paulo State University at S.J.Rio Preto, Brazil
UNICAN Security Universidad de Cantabria
USC 558L Internetworking and Distributed Systems Lab University of Southern California, Information Sciences Institute
USC INF 520 and 521 Lab Exercises University of Southern California
USC INF 524 Lab Exercises Spring 2014 University of Southern California, Information Sciences Institute
USC operating systems lab UC Berkeley
USC-CSCI-551/651 USC/Information Sciences Institute
usc353 USC/Information Sciences Institute
USC430 Information Sciences Institute
Use of forensic tools in acquiring and analyzing digitial evidence bowling green state university
using DETER for lab assignments in our network security class San Jose State University
Using flow to detect DDoS National University of Sciences and Technology
Using Game Theory to mitigate Dos DDoS attacks North Eastern HIll University
Validation of Defense Against Web Based DDoS Attacks Shaheed Bhagat Singh College of Engg. & Technology
Validation of Vulnerability prediction Model Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur
Vanderbilt Network Security Course Project Vanderbilt University
VIMAN-Class University of Missouri
virtualized cloud rule management University of Southern California
Virtually Isolated DETER Experimentation University of Southern Calfornia
We plan to emulate a large grid network in order to create passive resource discovery methods Georgia State University
Wide-Area Power System Communications Information Sciences Institute
WT Cybersecurity Warren Tech
Other projects registered on DETERlab:
Name Institution
A project for deter executive board to govern testbed Information Sciences Institute
A Remote Data Access Security Model Kobe University
Anonymity & Privacy Indian Institute of Information Technology Allahabad
APT Provenance SRI International
Attack Simulation for realistic security evaluation European School of Management and Technology Berlin
Attacks in IoT Devices University of Petroleum and Energy Studies, INDIA
Capstone-Shield Johns Hopkins University Information Security Institute
CaptureTheFlagTraining University of Trento
CIS 766 Missouri State University
Class Project University of Macedonia
Cloud security University of Tampa
COMA Insider Threat Model Colorado Technical University
Communicatins security class University of Zagreb, Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences
Comparative study on effects of flooding based denial of service attacks on network performance Morogoro Vocational Teachers Training College
Computer and Cyber Forensics Class Bowie State University
Computer Forensics abu dhabi polytechnic
Computer Intrusion Detection Taylor’s University
Computer Networks Class - CSCI 370 Tuskegee University
Computer Security and Hacking Class Whitworth University
Computer Security Education University of Arkansas at Little Rock
Consensus Algorithms Simulation Edinburgh Napier University
Control Systems Security Jacksonville State University
Course Labs for Cyber Security University of Nebraska at Omaha
CPCS-425 Information Security King Abdulaziz University
Create Israel National Cyber Bureau
CS 456 Southern Oregon Univerity
CS-501: Introduction to Malware, Threat Hunting and Offensive Capabilities development Boston University
CS332 Boise State University
CS356 Colorado State University
CSCI 400 John Jay College
CSCI4406 University of Texas A&M San Antonio
CUNYF20AMES Amesite, Eastern Michigan University
Cyber defensive Operation practice lab Instituto Tecnológico Superior CompuSur
Cyber Security Course Landstown Governor's STEM & Technology Academy
Cyber Security Ethical Hacking Course Sacred Heart University
Cyber Security for SEEDS University of South Florida
Cyber-Security for Enterprice Hanoi University of Science and Technology
CyberKnights1 Evans High School
Cybersecurity San Antonio College
Cybersecurity Class Pittsburgh Technical College
CyberSecurity Class labs and material University of Tampa
Cybersecurity Education and Training University of Hawaii Maui College
Cybersecurity Engineering Foundations University of San Diego
Cybersecurity Leadership Initiative Ball Aerospace
Cybersecurity MSc Course Prince Sultan University
CyberStrategy University of Washington Tacoma
CYS 7013 - Cybersecurity Foundations John Brown University
DDoS attack detection and mitigation University of Zagreb, Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences, Departmant of Information and Communication Traffic
Developing intrusion tolerant systems SSC PAC
Digital Forensics University of Notre Dame
Digital Forensics Education Initiative University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
ECE 5476 - CyberSecurity Villanova University
EE586 - Communication and Switching Networks University of Kentucky
Efficient Intrusion Detection for WSNs Using Distributed Communication Protocols Bournemouth University
EHIP temasek polytechnic
Feasibility Study of DETERLab as an Environment for UNDANT Experimentation University of North Dakota
GamePipe USC
GMU Capstone Orchestration project Volgenau School of Engineering, George Mason University
HackerBoxDemo Burton Center for Arts & Technology
Hands-onLab CSCE A4565 University of Alaska Anchorage
Harker Harker
ICS/SCADA Defense BAE Systems, INC - I&S
IIID54 University of the Philippines
Implementación de entornos virtuales para ser utilizado en el curso de cyberseguridad del pregrado de la FIIS para el desarrollo de competencias en cyberdefensa. Universidad Nacional de Ingenieria
IMSIUS Imam Mohamed Ibn Saud University
incident response Kilgore College
Incident Response University of Tampa
INFO674 Texas A&M University
Information Assurance & Security Stockton College of NJ
Information Security examination environment Visoka tehnoloska skola strukovnih studija- Arandjelovac
Internet Traffic Analysis in Saudi Universities King Saud University
Intro to Ethical Hacking Temple University - Fox School of Business
Introduction to Cybersecurity Louisiana School for Math, Science, and the Arts
Introduction to Linux System Adminostration and DETERLab Western Illinois University
Introductory Course on Computer Security Universidad del Bio-Bio
IoT Security CUNY Hunter College
ISI - Morgan State Collaboration Morgan State University
IT2531 Georgia Southern University
itec345 Radford University
ITSEC Basic 395 Florida State University
ITSEC-AS Pensacola State College
JEJames Cybersecurity Sullivan University
JPL-170-CyberTest Jet Propulsion Lab
k12sec Information Sciences Institute
Kelvin 1687 Systems Kelvin 1687 Inc
Key Management for Industrial Automation and Control Systems Siddaganga Institute of Technology
Lab and project experiments for a network course Rochester Institute of Technology
Lattice-based cryptography US Navy
Linux Intro Mountain View HS
Live analysis of malware Indian Institute of Technology Madras
Malware Detection Imam Mohamed Ibn Saud University
Maryland Cyber Security Center University of Maryland Institute for Advanced Computer Studies
MC_Security_Course Manhattan College
Memphis Testbed for Security Evaluation (MemTSE) Dept. of Comp. Sci., Univ. of Memphis
Middle School Cyber Altona Middle School; St. Vrain Valley School District
Multipath Protocol University of Southern California, Information Sciences Institute
ncl class National university of Singapore
NEIU-DETERLAB Northeastern Illinois University
Network Security South Florida State College
Network Security Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Amritapuri Campus
Network security class Università di Firenze, Dpt. of Information Engineering
newuscclass Information Sciences Institute
NUS - SoC Class Project National University of Singapore
NWRC-Cybersecurity-encryption module North west regional college
onion leakage University of Salford, Manchester
OS hardening testing Boston Scientific Neuromodulation
Penetration Testing Schreiner University
Pentesting Women's Society of Cyberjutsu
Practice in pentesting and vulnerability analysis Universidad Panamericana
Project for Networking Class Sachin Shetty
Provably secure distributed control system (new SCADA architecture) Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
Res. Exp. Ohio State Univ.
Research on Countermeasures Solutions against Attacks on SCADA System due to DNP3 Weakness Cyber Threat Intelligence Lab
research on router security quanliang jing
RSA Education Services RSA
sabres ISI
SCI-FI UT-Battelle/Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Secure Coding San Antonio College
SecureLab Indiana State University
Security Los Angeles Southwest College
Security Class UNC Charlotte
Security Club University of Arkansas
Security Course Yale University
Security Course Jordan University of Science and technlology
Security-hacking Sierra College
Seguridad en Redes y Sistemas University of Castilla-La Mancha
SLOWLoris Attack Jaypee Institute of Information Technology University
Software Foundations for Cybersecurity Utica College
Software Security National Institute of Business Management
Student Learning National University
Synchronization of time for Substation networks based on Software Defined Network University of Antioquia
System and Network Security international Institute of Information Technology
Systems Security course Singapore University of Technology and Design
Teaching George Mason University
Teaching and Research on Network Security University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Teaching Network Security Labs using DETER FAST National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences, Karachi
TEIC-NIS-Project Technological Educational Institute of Crete
This is a class to teach student about network security concepts including scanning, firewall, IDS, etc. Khalifa University of Science, Technology & Research
Threat Intelligence Frameworks Purdue University
To conduct botnet defense research on deterlab. We will study botnet detection and defense techniques. Texas A&M University
TTC Cybersecurity Year 1 Tulsa Technology Center Riverside
UCDNet University of Kentucky
UCLAN_Computing_CO3410 University of Central Lancashire
UNIBUCINF Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science, University of Bucharest
UniMelb The University of Melbourne
University of the Philippines Diliman Delay Tolerant Network Experiment 2018 University of the Philippines
UNLresearch University of Nebraska-Lincoln
UoWD-Cybersecurity-2019 Faculty of Engineering and Information Science, University of Wollongong in Dubai, UAE
Use of deterlab for University of Zilina, Slovakia Head of department of infocomm networks, University of Zilina
Use the Detelab within a course on cyber security HTWK Leipzig Applied University
Using DeterLab for cybersecurity Lviv State University of life Safety
WSU Smart City Testbed Washington State University
YUBA Cyber Security Pilot Year Up